Heroes Of The Storm’s Chromie Is The Newest Warcraft Assassin To Join The Game

Two new Heroes will be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster soon, with the first, Chromie, launching during the week of May 17th.

Blizzard has provided details of what to expect, including her abilities in a new Hero Spotlight video which you can view above.

The company describes her as follows: “Chromie will be the newest Warcraft Assassin to join the Heroes of the Storm roster. She may appear to be a friendly, yet easily distracted gnome at first glance. . . . In truth, she is a bronze dragon and an ardent defender of Azeroth’s timeline. Her eternal charge is to protect history from those who would manipulate it to their own ends.”

A powerful artillery assassin, Chromie can trap her enemies and eliminate them from afar. Her Timewalker trait lets her gain abilities and talents one level faster than other Heroes which could be a powerful bonus if used quickly.

The Sand Blast ability does exactly what you’d think, shooting a large blast of sand and damaging the first enemy Hero it hits. This ability can go around minions and be directed at enemy Heroes. Chromie also has the Dragon’s Breath ability, which unleashes a wide-ranging and powerful attack. Finally, Time Trap locks enemy Heroes in Stasis for short periods.

Her Heroics are Slowing Sands, which slows enemies and continues to stronger until cancelled or Chromie runs out of mana, and Temporal Loop which binds an enemy hero in a certain location which they’ll always return to after a short period.