Stark Industries’ Iron Man Themed Xbox One Consoles Are Stunning

Microsoft, it seems, is definitely on #TeamIronMan. It’s gotten the experts at Tony’s Stark Industries to design a limited edition Xbox One console. The system comes with a white themed exterior, including an Arc reactor, and a matching controller.

The system comes with a white themed exterior, including an illuminated Arc reactor, and a matching controller featuring Stark Industries branding and a miniature Arc reactor in its power button.

Three of these systems are available to mark this week’s release of Captain America: Civil War in most countries but only Xbox France appears to be giving away the console at the moment.

One is available through the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on who can enter.

As they’ve supposedly been designed by Stark Industries and not Tony Stark himself, the console are not red and gold, but they demonstrate the level of detail that Microsoft puts into its special edition systems.

Hopefully, more will be made available in other regions, even if they can only be obtained through competitions. If you’re on #TeamCap, it seems you’re out of luck as far as getting a special edition console goes but that may change closer to the US release of the movie early next month.

Captain America: Civil War is out in cinemas in Europe this week and in the US from May 6th.

Microsoft is reportedly preparing multiple Xbox One hardware revisions, details of which will likely be announced at E3 in June.