[Rumor] New Inside Sources For Microsoft Alert Big Hardware Announcement E3 2016

Xbox One

There has been plenty of rumors circulating around these past few months on the current generation consoles being tossed to the side for new console hardware. Not only do we have the Nintendo NX and the latest PlayStation 4 Neo, we’re starting to see rumors pour out onto the internet for the next hardware update for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Apparently, this new hardware will be announced during this year’s E3.

It’s no surprise that we’re starting to see rumors and leaks spread out on the internet as we lead up to one of the biggest expos within the video game industry. E3 has always been a grandstand for industry giants to show off what they have in-store in the near future.

However, after new “inside sources” from Thurrott, a blog of technology journalist Paul Thurrott, Microsoft will have some big hardware reveals during their E3 conference this year. Details were scarce on some of the supposed hardware reveals, but for starters, the Xbox One will start to ship with a new color variant standard controller. Speculation on the color aims to be a white variation as we’ve seen white controller’s popup within certain bundles for the Xbox One, though that’s completely speculation.

Furthermore, the inside sources also claimed that Microsoft is looking at new ways the Xbox One and Windows 10 can interact. Apparently, Microsoft is looking to combine the two mediums in ways that would prevent Sony to emulate it easily with the PlayStation 4.

Lastly, and the most interesting aspect the inside sources seemed to have brought Thurrott, Microsoft will have a large hardware-related announcement. Nothing more was given in terms of the hardware information though with rumors and even supposed leaks of the Xbox One II currently in production, it could be a safe bet that we’ll hear news of the next iteration of the Xbox One console.