Rock Climbing Simulator “The Climb” Now Available for Oculus Rift

Crytek jumped into virtual reality with both feet, releasing The Climb as their first Oculus game title.

Two maps were already known to the public – Alps and an Asian Bay location. But a third map based on the Grand Canyon also made its way into the game in time for launch, too.

The game’s tourist mode is laid back and meant for people who want to just take in the scenery and show off the power of virtual reality. The Climb intends to immerse you with detailed landscapes, giving you a view that both looks believable and sounds realistic. For example, climbing at night (although in real life I don’t think you’re supposed to do that), you’ll see a music festival’s fireworks shoot up in the sky, and hear packs of wild coyotes somewhere in the night.

But don’t be fooled into thinking The Climb is just a simple experience simulator. Players will need to calculate a good balance between stamina and speed, master grip types, and map out routes and shortcuts. There’s a multiplayer mode that’ll give you the chance to challenge your friends and compete against other players for the best climbing times.

You can buy The Climb for $49.99 on Oculus Home. If you want to check out more footage from the game, the website and YouTube channel are good places to start.