This Is How Destiny’s Reputation Packages Were Improved For April

Destiny Bungie
Bungie has laid out how they improved the reputation packages for Destiny.

For those new to the game, reputation is tied down to factions.Vendors are allied to factions, and chummying up with the factions is what gets you to do business with them. As you go up the ranks within a faction, they will start paying out rewards to you, in the form of the aforementioned reputation packages.

A lot of the changes to the packages involve raising the chances to better favor you, the player. In general, players now earn more reputation from completing activities they want to do. It’s also been adjusted so that collectors can more easily obtain the items they want to obtain. They have also increased the chances to get reputation boosters outside of Sterling Treausre.

If you’re wondering how much reputation was added in, wonder no more as Bungie has actually laid it out in the open:

  • Heroic Strikes
    • 120 Vanguard reputation
    • 60 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Crucible
    • 90 Crucible reputation
    • Additional bonus for winning
    • 45 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Patrols
    • Kill and Collect Patrols
      • 40 Vanguard reputation
      • 20 reputation with your aligned Faction
    • Scan, Scout, VIP, and Taken patrols
      • 50 Vanguard reputation
      • 25 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Prison of Elders
    • Level 41
      • 150 House of Judgment reputation
    • Challenge of the Elders
      • 100 House of Judgment reputation

Reputation packages that did not receive updates are Queen’s Wrath and Crota’s Bane.

Destiny‘s April update will be released on April 12, 2016. You can read more previews of the April update here and here.