The Division’s Game-Breaking Bug Was Finally Found And Will Be Fixed April 12


Ubisoft finally figured out the game-breaking bug that was hampering The Division. They have a fix coming up this April 12.

We earlier reported that the bug was caused by synchronization issues with the server. The bug would have the effect of locking players out of their account, by causing the client to load for an indefinite amount of time. However, Ubisoft confirmed the then-prevailing theory that these sync issues, in turn, where caused by high-end backpacks that the players crafted.

Ubisoft’s fix to the issue is coming in Update 1.1. They could not send out a hotfix earlier because he fix requires a patch on The Division‘s client itself, but it is well on its way. That still leaves over a week for players to deal with the issue. Ubisoft suggests that players do not attach any mods on any items they use until the fix is out.

While The Division is Ubisoft’s most successful game to date, it experienced a rough launch due to several issues. Nvidia’s drivers made for the game turned out to be dangerously unstable. There was also a body collision issue that hit headlines, as players were using it to block other players from progressing. Thankfully, Ubisoft was able to quickly address this issue. Lastly, and may be expected for AAA online games like it, The Division ran into severe server issues at launch, which also adversely affected sister game Rainbow Six Siege.

How is your The Division  game holding up? Are you still playing it every day, or are you holding out for the April update to set things straight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.