The Division Players Stuck For A Week Thanks To Game-Breaking Bug

Tom Clancy's The Division (3)
Fans have been rightfully indignant over a game-breaking bug in The Division that Ubisoft has yet to acknowledge.

The bug locks players out from the game due to synchronization issues. Fans observed and hypothesized there was a potential connection to crafting in the backpacks, but based on this private response from Ubisoft to a complainant, they have confirmed it is entirely due to synchronization. When the files are desynchronized and you decide to quit the game, the save files get corrupted.

Fans are most upset about the fact that Ubisoft has communicated to fans about the issue poorly. They do seem to be aware of it and are working on it, as you can see on this tweet:

However, Ubisoft has not communicated to all players who had this issue. What this effectively means is The Division gamers have been buying the game and playing it unaware a bug that corrupts their saves and keeps them out of the game exists. The issue has also led to many players losing weapons and gear that they have earned. Fans also observed these issues started after an update that went live on March 15.

As of this moment, if you are encountering issues like this when playing The Division, your only course of action is to contact their support website here. The number of players facing this issue seem to be increasing, so hopefully Ubisoft will share an update soon.