Beware: Dark Souls III International Version Not Ready For Gamers

Dark Souls III
Gamers within Japan are now enjoying the latest release within the Dark Souls franchise, Dark Souls III. However, for the rest of us gamers around the world, we’re still forced into waiting until the game officially launches within the month of April. For some gamers, waiting is not an option and they have cleverly found workarounds that would allow them to download the Dark Souls III video game ahead of launch. It’s these select few gamers that Bandai Namco Entertainment has decided to focus on in a recent press release.

The press release talks about Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. being thrilled about how much interest Dark Souls III is having with gamers. So much so that some gamers have discovered ways to receive the international game early through means of imports and online workarounds by changing the location settings within your Microsoft Xbox account.

Regardless, while some gamers may have started to enjoy the game, Bandai Namco Entertainment has warned gamers that they are not playing the full video game. Instead, gamers are missing out on various aspects such as multiplayer capabilities and a day one patch that will further optimize Dark Souls III, thus improving the overall performance of the game.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. is very thankful to see so much interest for Dark Souls III on the week of its Japanese launch. We are aware that some fans in Western countries are currently able to download the international version of the game.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform Dark Souls III fans that any gameplay they may experience prior to the official April 12th release date for the game will not be complete. The international version of the game currently does not have its multiplayer capabilities activated, nor does it include the contents of a planned day-one patch that will deliver further optimization of the game. Players will be able to download the day-one patch on April 12th, the official international release date for Dark Souls III.

If you can hold off just a little while longer, you’ll be able to enjoy Dark Souls III in full for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.