This Was How The NX Controller Pictures Were Faked

nintendo nx leak 02
Both of the Nintendo NX controller pictures that ‘leaked’ throughout the week have been confirmed fake. The fakers have come forward to explain how they duped many Nintendo fans.

The fake NX controllers were based on a patent Nintendo filed for a free-form controller. Aside from copying the patent’s general shape, it emulated the idea of the free-from touchscreen creating contextual buttons as it was needed for gameplay.

The first picture, shared online on the 18th, showed the controller with an oval shape, with what appeared to be concave controllers on each end and an image of cliffsides on the controller itself. This image would prove to be relevant later. The second picture, shared only a few days ago, showed an oval controller with no images projected on it. The controller is completely black with a glassy finish, and this time it has two buttons that jut out on each end, that may pass for Nintendo’s own Circle Pads or something similar.

The fakes were made by different people. The person who made the first fake goes by ID 2Dev, and they shared a video detailing how they used simple image manipulation techniques to make the mockup in humorous fashion. They also revealed that the image projected in the controller is actually from an Unreal 4 demo. You can watch the video below.

For the second image, which did appear more convincing, it was not made by ID 2Dev but instead, by another fan who goes by the name Bravu. ID 2Dev shared the model they made to Bravu, who then took things a step further by 3D printing his fake black, controller. Bravu has outed himself as Frank Sandqvist, and posted his own making-of video for his controller. You can watch his video below.

While some fans were incredibly convinced by both forgeries, perhaps these fakes would not have gained traction if more attention was taken on the original patent revealed last December. A cursory examination of the illustration shows that Nintendo intended to use the boomerang shape on their controller, and also the analog controls on each side were represented by raised pentagons. There was no image in the patent filing that did not have a boomerang shape, although one diagram may have obscured the fact that the handles were there. In the end, what we know for sure about the Nintendo NX is about as much as we did when Nintendo announced it, although it is likely that some of the recent patents they filed will be used in the final product. Another such patent implied that the NX may be upgradeable.

Nintendo patent freeform display NX

How did you feel about the NX controller fakes before they were outed? Would you like free-form controllers like it on the actual NX? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.