30 Minute Dark Souls III Gameplay Footage Released

If you’re eagerly awaiting for April 12, 2016, when Dark Souls III releases for most of us on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, then this thirty minute Dark Souls III gameplay footage may help fill that void. The gameplay footage was originally shown off at the SXSW 2016 event which YouTuber Gamestation tossed the video online.

Throughout the gameplay, we’re given commentary from a Bandai Namco Entertainment representative. Since the gameplay footage takes place after an early boss fight the video may contain some slight spoilers for those who are looking to avoid anything in relation to Dark Souls III until it launches.

Throughout the month, we have heard some interesting news regarding Dark Souls III. For instance, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced on Twitter that the upcoming video game will run at a full 60FPS on PC. This became a concern after the first title within the franchise for the PC was locked at 30FPS until modders were able to push the limit past 30FPS.

Additionally, we posted a preview round-up on Dark Souls III that narrows down the initial impressions of the game from game news outlet Polygon, GameInformer, and Gamespot.

Although, if you’re still in the dark as to what you may need to know before you pick up and start your dark and grim adventure with Dark Souls III then feel free to check out our video post. We discuss the top ten things you’ll need to know about the upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG Dark Souls III before it launches next month.