Watch Ace Attorney 6’s Prequel Anime And Demo Translated Here

[Subbed!] Ace Attorney 6 - Prologue Anime (360p).mp4_snapshot_07.30_[2016.03.24_18.16.54]
Thanks to the efforts of some fans, you can now watch Ace Attorney 6‘s prologue anime and demo with English translations.

The two videos do tie in together well, giving fans a great preview of the story and gameplay you can expect to enjoy in Capcom’s latest lawyering logic game. We’ll run through each video below.

The translated prequel anime brings to light a vital story element hinted at in previews. There seems to have been a major conflict between the attorneys and the people of Kurain, although the details are still not fully disclosed. Today attorneys are arrested as criminals, and it appears some of them are part of a rebellion. In the meantime, Kurain courts always hand out guilty verdicts in every case that comes up.

Some minor details have also been cleared up from the untranslated version of the anime. You can read our prior coverage for comparison here and watch it in full below.

The demo throws Phoenix directly into his first case in Kurain, and as he sees, the moment he takes the stand to defend his new friend Bokuto, Bokuto suddenly turns on him. The demo corroborates much of what we already know about Spirit Medium Vision, and how Phoenix can use it in his cases. Ultimately, Spirit Medium Vision is not that exotic a change for the Ace Attorney series, and may in fact make trying cases easier. Players can now examine each victim’s death in detail and are given slight hints on where their arguments should go next. You can read our rundown of the demo here and watch it in action (20 minutes) below.

Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom has confirmed that it will be coming to the West.