Killer Instinct Complete On Windows 10 Will Only Be $ 49.99

Killer Instinct
Iron Galaxy Studios have revealed the release details for Killer Instinct‘s Season 3, as well as its pending PC debut. Surprisingly, you can get the game complete for only $ 49.99 on Windows 10.

To be specific, that Killer Instinct Supreme Edition, which includes all the DLC from previous seasons, will be $ 10 cheaper in Windows 10 than on Xbox One. Why? Simply enough, it’s because the Windows 10 version does not include the original games, Killer Instinct Classic and Killer Instinct 2 Classic.

If you would prefer to get Killer Instinct cheaper, and are willing to get it for less characters you can buy later, you can also get other bundles. These bundles have the same price on Xbox One and Windows 10. We’ll run down your other purchase options below.

  • Combo Breaker – includes all Season 3 characters Rash, Arbiter, Kim Wu, and Tusk, for $ 19.99
  • Ultra Edition – includes all Season 3 characters VIP Double XP Booster, 8 retro costumes, accessory sets, bonus Retro color 7 for all 8 Season 3 characters, and 18,000 KI Gold, for $ 39.99
  • Double Combo – includes all Season 1 and Season 2 characters (17 in total) for $ 29.99

Ultra Edition also has exclusive Early Access for incoming new characters. They get these characters one week before they become available for Combo Breaker owners, and two weeks before owners of the regular version. Iron Galaxy also made it clear that the PC version will only be available on the Windows 10 storefront, at least for now. Once it does go live, Xbox One owners should be able to access their game and DLC, and newcomers will get the same purchase options Xbox One owners get. You can even still get characters individually as well, starting with Rash at $ 4.99 when Season 3 launches

Killer Instinct Season 3 will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 29. Microsoft first teased a PC port in June of last year, and earlier this year it even seemed like Season 3 would be Windows 10 exclusive.