Ace Attorney 6 Prologue Explains Why Phoenix Went To Kurain

Phoenix Wright_ Ace Attorney 6 - Prologue Anime Short Special (360p).mp4_snapshot_07.41_[2016.03.17_20.12.26]
Have you been wondering what Phoenix Wright is doing in Kurain? Capcom has released a new Ace Attorney 6 Prologue animation, detailing the events that led to Phoenix visiting the kingdom of Kurain.

The Prologue begins by introducing us to Nayuta Sadmadhi, the seemingly divine prosecutor of Kurain. Nayuta is seen convincing some Kurain police to let a man go. The short then jumps to the courtrooms, where Phoenix, Athena, and Apollo seem to have a minor squabble with Simon Blackquill over a group of meat buns.

We cut back to Kurain, where the young monk Bokuto waits on Maya Fey, who had been training her will bunder a waterfall. While Padma Leyfa Kurain prosecutes a suspect, Fey and Bokuto go eat in a restaurant. Fey calls Phoenix to tell him about her training, when a man – the same man Nayuta allows to go free – threatens her with a knife. Nayuta appears in the same restaurant and saves Maya.

However, in the commotion, Maya’s phone breaks, and the last thing Phoenix hears from his end are her screams. Phoenix resolves to leave for Kurain immediately, leaving Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes to hold up the fort in his absence. While all of this goes on, a mysterious figure, seemingly someone who has not been revealed yet, seems to be waiting for Phoenix’s arrival in Kurain.

Phoenix Wright_ Ace Attorney 6 - Prologue Anime Short - mysterious figure

Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom has confirmed that it will be coming to the West. You can watch the Ace Attorney 6 Prologue short below. You can also learn more about rival prosecutor Nayuta Sadmadhi.