Report: PlayStation 4.5 Is Real, But It’s Not Powerful Enough For Full 4K Gaming

It has been independently confirmed that PlayStation 4.5 is indeed in development. Interestingly, the power boost is provides is still not enough to raise it to the same level as 4K gaming as PC players have now.

Our source has confirmed that it will have an evolved APU, incrementally improving on what is in the PlayStation 4 today. The PlayStation 4.5 can also play 4K video and supports some 4K gaming aspects, such as high-dynamic range and wider color gamut. Anotehr interesting element our source brings up is that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles were developed and launched when only 28 nm microprocessors were available. Now, 14nm and 16nm microprocessors are available, and this means big things for the consoles.

In general, gaming hardware, PC and consoles alike, increase in power thanks to the advances made in processor technology. In this particular case, the advent of 14nm and 16nm microprocessors means Sony can make their PlayStation 4.5 with the same power output, but cheaper and more energy efficient, or they can use two of these processors to make an even more powerful console at the same or close to the same price. However, these 14nm and 16nm microprocessors are not powerful enough for Sony to make a PlayStation 4 powerful enough for 4K at a price their fans expect. The technology simply has not advanced that far enough, at least not yet.

Rumors of a PlayStation 4.5 came up a little over a week ago. Back then, Sony already stated that they would not respond to rumors or speculation. Sony has openly attempted to draw more power from the existing PlayStation 4 spec, unlocking its 7th core for developers to use for their games.

What do you make of this PlayStation 4.5 rumor? Would you buy it even if it’s not full 4K gaming? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.