Dark Souls 3’s Latest Trailer Explores The True Colors Of Darkness

From Software and Bandai Namco’s latest trailer for Dark Souls 3 is set to a dark rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors, which plays as the game’s fully customizable protagonist hacks and slashes his way through a wide variety of horrid monsters. Watch it below.

The release of the trailer arrives in the wake of the announcement of two special edition PS4 bundles with the game for Japanese gamers.

Gamers within Japan were also given the chance to play Dark Souls 3 earlier this week after a demo released. Some of the comments from gamers who played the demo unveiled few little aspects about the upcoming title. For starters, weapon durability is a bit lower than previous installments while the actual game feels a bit snappier compared to Bloodborne.

Recently, the game’s publisher Bandai Namco announced a DLC Season Pass for the game that can be pre-ordered on its own or bought as a part of the Digital Deluxe Edition on the PC. The company has not revealed what they plan to deliver with the DLC, but it will probably add new areas, monsters, quests, and gear.

The game is slated for release on April 12, 2016 across the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. It’ll be out on March 24 in Japan.

Be sure to tune in to videos of the recorded footage taken from a Dark Souls 3 gameplay demo event that showcased some of the title’s early locations.