New Dark Souls 3 Footage Emerges From Livestream

Dark Souls 3
Earlier this week within Japan From Software held a special livestream event in which to help promote their upcoming release, Dark Souls III. The event was focused around a Japanese actress by the name of Hitomi Haruna who was attempting to play the original Dark Souls video game for the first time. However, it was finally revealed towards the end of the livestream that From Software was going to leave with new gameplay footage for the upcoming installment Dark Souls III. If you missed out on the event and haven’t caught a glimpse of what’s to come when Dark Souls III launches worldwide on April 12, 2016, then take a look at the YouTube videos that captured the footage below.


Gamers within Japan were also given the chance to play Dark Souls III earlier this week after a demo released. Some of the comments from gamers who played the demo unveiled few little aspects about the upcoming title. For starters, weapon durability is a bit lower than previous installments while the actual game feels a bit snappier compared to Bloodborne.

Additionally, we reported that a special Dark Souls III pre-order would be available for Xbox One. News broke when the Australian Xbox Store noted gamers that they can pre-order Dark Souls III for Xbox One and receive a digital copy of the original Dark Souls. While that page has since been taken down, it has been confirmed that Dark Souls would be backwards compatible for Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One.