Dark Souls Offered As Dark Souls 3 Pre-order Bonus For Xbox One

Dark Souls 3
Update February 15, 2016, 1:06 PM: Per GameInformer, the Australian Xbox Store listing has now been pulled.

PST Fans of From Software’s brutally hard Dark Souls series now have something to do while waiting for the release of Dark Souls III: They can Prepare To Die all over again.

For a limited time, the Australian Xbox Store will be offering a copy of Dark Souls to players who digitally pre-order the upcoming third installment in the dark fantasy series. Current-generation console owners will be pleased to know that the game is 100 percent backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Dark Souls will be available to players via digital download. According to the Australian Xbox Store, codes are being sent to players within 7-10 days of placing pre-orders for Dark Souls III.

Few series have as devoted a fanbase as Dark Souls, and the excitement surrounding the new game has been building. Initial impressions indicate that the game maintains its familiar series roots. In addition, several items, weapons, and armor variants have been confirmed for the new game – some of which are familiar to returning players, and some of which are brand new. One such new introduction – or rather, reintroduction – is the thief class, which was absent from Dark Souls II.

Information on this offer comes directly from the Australian Xbox Store. As no official press release has been circulated as yet, there is still no confirmation as to whether this offer will be available to markets outside of Australia, however given the restrictions on the Australian games market, these details are likely universal and players in other regions can probably expect to see the same bonuses on the North American and European releases.