Black Ops 3: How Is The Marshal 16?

As with the newly added MX Garand, which I reviewed, the latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 adds a number of other weapons including the Marshal 16. This handgun can be described as a cross between a revolver and a shotgun. The gun is highly similar to the Executioner in Black Ops 2 and the RW1 in Advanced Warfare.

It’s a single-shot double-barreled gun that holds two slugs at a time, firing them simultaneously and dealing massive damage to anything you happen to be aiming at. Obviously, this single-shot weapon requires you to reload it after every shot so the rate of fire is pretty abysmal compared to other handguns.

The gun lacks the High Caliber, Extended Mags and FMJ attachments that other handguns offer due to the simple fact that it is an extremely high-damage weapon.

At close range, the Marshal 16 guarantees an instant, one-shot kill. However, you’ll have to take risks by going in close to your enemies due to the gun’s very limited range. Players who prefer to keep their enemies at a distance will  be better off with the MX Garand and other weapons of its ilk.

You’ll do well to equip it with the Long Barrel attachment to extend its range. Fast Mags will also allow you to reload the gun and compensate for its slow reload speed. The Quickdraw Handle attachment will also provide you with an advantage in close combat situations.

As with any other sidearm, it’s best used as a secondary weapon.