Fire Emblem Fates Sells Over 300,000 Units In US in Three Days

Nintendo has revealed in a press release that Fire Emblem Fates has sold over 300,000 units in the US in just three days.

In their words, this is the best ever launch for the series in the region. In comparison, the last title in the series, Fire Emblem Awakening, sold 180,000 units in its first month. In fact, Nintendo says that if you look at the same first three day period, Fire Emblem Fates outsold Fire Emblem Awakening by five times as much.

Breaking down the two Fire Emblem Fates games, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright sold more copies than Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, but not by a wide margin. Of course, a portion of those consumers bought one game first, and then bought the other. The third game under this release, Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, is scheduled for the US this coming March 10. Fire Emblem Fates Revelation will only be available to players who finished one of the other two games, so it should be interesting to see how it sells.

Fire Emblem Fates’ successful release has not come without controversy. Barely a month after it was confirmed for the West, a scene in the Japanese version raised red flags. You can read about the details of this scene here. There was also confusion regarding the status of the skinship petting minigame, and most recently, retailer Best Buy seemed to have delayed or cancelled pre-orders of the special edition only to sell copies on eBay.

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