Fire Emblem Fates: Full Details On The Skinship Minigames In The West

Fire Emblem Fates Niles
After all the back and forth about a certain much-talked-about petting minigame, the full details on all the skinship games in Fire Emblem Fates has finally been revealed.

This information comes from a player with a review copy of the Western version, and he goes in detail on how these minigames work, beyond the petting minigame that has been the focus of public scrutiny.

It all starts in your Private Quarters. If you choose Invite Ally, they can visit your quarters and interact with you to improve your relationship. These meetings do not lead to any petting. You simple get a POV close up of the ally you invited, and a stock line about your relationship.

When you marry an ally, entering an S relationship with them, Invite Ally changes to a new option, Bond. This time, when you’re face to face with your partner, a heart meter appears that shows you how deep your bond is. Sometimes, when Bonding, the meter will trigger small events, which are the minigames. Our souce played one such game, where his partner fell asleep, so he poked them to wake them up via the touchsreen.

Because Fire Emblem Fates has a day and night cycle, these events that trigger the minigames do not come up frequently. What this all amounts to are infrequent opportunities to bond with your wife or husband, making each interaction that much more special.

Fire Emblem Fates will be released for the 3DS on February 19, 2016. You can clarify what information has changed regarding these minigames by reading our prior coverage of it here, here, and here.