Fire Emblem Fates Might Be Better Without The Petting Game, Here’s Why

Fire Emblem Fates Rhajat Confession

Thanks to some previews of the Western localized versions of Fire Emblem Fates, we now publicly know how Nintendo removed the petting mini-game. Some fans may say it may be better off for it.

Nintendo of America’s localization decisions for Fire Emblem Fates attracted a lot of attention from fans, but Nintendo still had not revealed how the changes were exactly implemented. As it turns out, the removal does not actively affect the rewards you get from the mini-game.

In the Japanese versions, after you invite an ally into your room, the scene fades to black, and then you are face to face with your friend. This is the prompt to start playing the mini-game, touching your friend to evoke reactions from him or her.

In the Western versions,  when you go face to face with your friend, he or she will start a conversation, to set up the conceit that you two will spend some time together. The scene then fades to white, implying some time has passed. Finally, a pop up appears indicating the status effect from spending time together, usually making your relationships improve.

In this way, the status effects you would usually get from the skinship game remains, even if the game does not. In fact, some gamers may prefer it this ways since it will save time, especially after you spend hours playing through each campaign. It may be especially convenient for gamers who intend to play all three of the Fire Emblem Fates games.

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