Is A Dragon Age Tactics Game In Our Future?

dragon age inquisition
Everybody knows that the Internet is rife with speculation and wishful thinking, and the rumor mill is constantly churning up a fresh batch of maybes and might bes, but sometimes a nugget turns up that’s just too good to resist. This was the case last week, when Mark Darrah, executive producer of BioWare’s acclaimed Dragon Age series, tweeted out a mysterious Twitter poll asking fans if they’d be interested in playing a Dragon Age tactics game:

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the Internet seems to have made its opinion clear, with 44 percent saying Yes (with an exclamation mark!), and only 22 percent saying they’d be opposed to the idea. Darrah also took the opportunity to gather some valuable input regarding platform demands – the poll also found that 23 percent would only play such a game on PC, while just 6 percent would be sold only if it were a mobile or handheld title. Sorry console owners.

Darrah then followed up his initial poll with a tweet stating, “tactics as in a game like Fire Emblem or XCom.”

While the Dragon Age games have always featured tactical-style combat, a move to a fully turn-based and more methodical system would be a step in a new direction for the fantasy RPG series. Darrah’s tweet may be inspired by apparent changes in the market that seem to be putting a premium on tactical games. Firaxis’ XCOM 2, which released on Feb. 5, sold more than 500,000 Steam copies in just five days, according to a report from SteamSpy.

It must be said that there has be no official statement from BioWare that at all indicates Darrah’s tweet is indicative of future plans, so put your red MS Paint pens away before your hurt yourselves.