Street Fighter 5 Server Maintenance Extended Indefinitely

It looks like fighting game fans are going to have to cool their heels even longer before they can jump back online. A tweet from the Street Fighter V Server Twitter account revealed on Monday evening that the three-hour server maintenance that was scheduled for today will be extended indefinitely:

The announcement came on the SFVServer Twitter account shortly after a similar tweet announced that the maintenance, which was scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. EST, would be extended by an extra hour.

This is yet another symptom of Street Fighter V‘s apparently troubled launch. The game experienced technical issues literally right out of the gate, with server problems severely crippling the game’s already limited launch-day offerings. Since the launch of Street Fighter V last week, Capcom have already released two patches, both aiming to fix some of the game’s litany of issues.

Capcom released the most recent patch on Feb. 18, which addressed a large number of issues. Among some of the fixes included squashing bugs that would prevent players from participating in Battle Lounge matches, fixing an issue that prevented player data from being sent to the server, and an error preventing replay data from appearing on the server.

Today’s scheduled maintenance was intended to allow developers the opportunity to resolve the outstanding server and connectivity issues. It is unclear what the implication of the maintenance session’s indefinite extension is. There have as yet been no statements from Capcom or the SFVServer Twitter account indicating whether the servers are expected to be up and running soon.