Street Fighter V Server Maintenance Scheduled Today

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V officially launched earlier this month for the PlayStation 4 and PC, but instead of being met with gamers rejoicing and playing Capcom’s latest Street Fighter installment, the developers were met with several issues that mostly revolved around the game servers. While Capcom has already assured players that they are aware of the problem and attempted a temporary fix, the development team has issued a new notice to gamers that the servers for Street Fighter V will be down for three hours today as they resolve various issues that sprung up since the video game released.

We previously reported on the problems gamers were having with Street Fighter V. Some of the more noteworthy issues includes the game kicking players from being in the same Battle Lounge for too long, match results failing to show up within the server, Rival Search not showcasing usernames, along with the Ranking functionality not working on the Capcom Fighters Network. For a video game that relies heavily on the online functionality, this can cause a bit of frustration for both the gamers and Street Fighter V developers.

As mentioned, this wasn’t the first time Capcom has made mention of these ongoing issues. Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono issued an apology to fans of Street Fighter V through Twitter in which he noted that the issues would be fixed urgently.

Capcom’s Street Fighter V server Twitter account noted earlier today that the servers would be down starting at 1 pm PT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET where they won’t be activated again until 4 pm PT, 6 pm CT, and 7 pm ET. During this downtime, developers are hoping to resolve the video game’s issues, allowing Street Fighter V to work as developers intended. During these three hours of downtime, players will not have access to the online features of Street Fighter V though if you wish to keep track of when the servers are up or any potential future maintenance schedules then make sure to follow Capcom’s Street Fighter V server twitter account, @SFVServer.