Capcom Closing Down On Street Fighter V Launch Issues

Street Fighter V Ryu
Capcom has shared the second update since launching Street Fighter V, and they’re reporting they have almost licked all the launch issues.

As Capcom puts it, the majority of the issues in connection to the servers have been resolved. Matchmaking on Ranked and Casual Mode is now also OK. However, different players have different experiences and there is still a lot that can be done to optimize the experience.

They also reported progress on the following:

  • Playing in the same Battle Lounge too long takes players out of playing in the lounge or in matches.
  • Some players say their match results are not being sent to the server. This seems to be a UI bug that does not update players appropriately, and results should be getting forwarded. You can check for yourself if a match and its results were recorded on the battle log.
  • Some recent replay data does not show up in the replay database immediately. Capcom is working on a fix for this, but all personal replays are already available in the fighter profile.
  • Some usernames don’t appear in Rival Search.
  • Some usernames don’t appear in the battle results screen.
  • Ranking functionality is not working correctly on the Capcom Fighters Network.

You can read Capcom’s first Street Fighter V post-launch update, or, if you need it, go through the troubleshooting guide for PC. How has your experience been playing Street Fighter V? Feel free to let us know in the comments.