Capcom Apologizes For Street Fighter V Launch Woes

Street Fighter 5
Despite several rounds of beta stress testing of the games servers and netcode, the launch of Street Fighter 5 was far from smooth. While two of the beta rounds suffered from substantial problems, any hopes of a relatively steady launch were dashed when players finally got their hands on the game. By all accounts, the barebones game’s servers aren’t holding up.

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has issued an apology to fans for the game’s matchmaking issues and other problems affecting the servers. He suggests that this is the biggest problem affecting the game at present and the one that needs to be addressed most urgently.

Capcom has been sharing updates through the @SFVServer Twitter account and says that the publisher is currently working to resolve the situation.

We’ll share more information on the situation when it’s resolved.

Capcom deliberately chose to release Street Fighter 5 without the majority of the game’s single player features. Given that the initial release is more focused on the pro-community and online play, which only makes the game’s server issues all the more damaging. Poor launch performance for this type of game is becoming increasingly common, which is a disservice to both developers and fans.

Street Fighter 5’s full story player mode will be released this June as a free update. If you haven’t picked up the game already, it’s probably best to wait until these issues are resolved. In the meantime, check out our roundup of the game’s review scores here.

Ono has previously said there’s a five-year plan for the game, but it may take that long to fix it.