Street Fighter V Review Roundup: Get All The Scores


Ahead of the release of Street Fighter 5 on PC and PlayStation 4 tomorrow, the first review scores have been released.

The game launches after three rounds of betas and is the first game in the long-running franchise to be available on the current console generation after Ultra Street Fighter 4. A range of modes will be included, including survival, challenge, and tutorial modes.

When you get to play it tomorrow, the game will include what publisher Capcom calls a Character Story Mode. This isn’t the traditional kind of story mode, instead, it will delve into the backgrounds and motivations of various characters. A free update is planned for June which will include a full cinematic campaign. Cross-platform play is supported between the PC and PlayStation versions of the game, which will reportedly never come to Xbox One given Sony’s financial support for the project.

The scores are listed below and, as usual, are out of 10 unless otherwise indicated.

ShackNews – 7 

EGM – 8

Paste Magazine – 8

Destructoid – 8

IGN – 8

Game Watcher – 8.5

GameSpot – No score, “strong foundation here.”

The Guardian – No score, “buying Street Fighter 5 today is a speculative gamble.”

RockPaperShotgun – No score, “at its best… there are very few games that even come close.”

GamesBeat – 90/100

GamesRadar+ – 4.5/5

EventHubs – No score, “a very welcome addition to the franchise.”

Shoryuken – No score, “light in content, high in potential.”

PC Gamer – No score, “a long disappointing way from being finished.” – No score, “The good news is that, as ever, Street Fighter 5 is the leader of the pack, even all these years later.”

Street Fighter 5 is out tomorrow, February 16th on PC and PlayStation 4.