Street Fighter V Launches, Online Server Issues On PS4 And PC (Update)


UPDATE: Capcom has brought the servers live for Street Fighter V, and explained issues may still come up intermittently. Director Yoshinori Ono has also expressed his apology for the issues on Twitter.

Street Fighter V
has launched on PlayStation 4 and PC. Unfortunately, the launch was hit with server issues, affecting online play.

On the official Street Fighter V Server Twitter account, they explain that they have identified the cause of the server issues, and will be bringing them back up shortly. Still, this mars an otherwise successful launch.

Capcom has not been lax in testing their servers, with an extensive beta period that started since October last year. They just did final maintenance as well around sixteen hours ago.

As explained in reviews, online is a big part of Street Fighter V. At launch, it has less modes compared to other fighting games at release. Most conspicuous is a lack of a full cinematic story mode, with a smaller arcade style story mode available for now.

On the other hand, the online portion has been extensively prepared, with features such as match customization, matchmaking, global rankings, and others.  For now, fans who have the game can at least ensure they register their preferred names for online play before anyone else.

Read more Gameranx coverage for Street Fighter V. Learn more about the character mode story outfits and the paywall for some costumes. It will also be coming to SteamOS, making it the first Street Fighter available on open source. Capcom is hoping for huge sales for the latest in this venerable series. With this in mind, they plan to support it for five years, and they are making changes to appeal to a broader audience.