Character Story Mode Outfits For Street Fighter V Unveiled

Street Fighter V Story Mode Costumes
At a pre-launch event in Japan yesterday for Street Fighter V, the latest installment of the fighting series releasing next week, new details were shared about to what to expect upon its debut. The costumes for Character Story Mode were fully unveiled, showing what each character will look like after the player completes the level. As you clear the mode with each character, their corresponding outfit will unlock in the in-game store, which you can then purchase after the store comes out in March.

Also revealed was a new Survival Mode, which will challenge the players to see how long they can last with a single health bar, carrying over to the next level until they are eliminated. Each level, points are earned which can then be spent on power-ups that will extend your health and keep you in top fighting form for this epic test of endurance. Completing all four difficulty tiers of the mode will award new titles and costume color variations.

Meanwhile, the new Challenge Mode offers training for the novice player, offering four sub-modes that will whip you into shape: Battle Tips, which features tutorials and demonstrations to help players of almost any skill set; Trials, which will test the player’s combo skills; Targets, wherein the player will be challenged to complete daily renewing goals to earn in-game content; and Extra Battle, where players will fight against special CPU bosses in the ultimate challenge and earn in-game rewards upon completion. Both Battle Tips and Trials will be available in March 2016, while Targets and Extra Battle come out sometime soon after launch.

For more details on the newly revealed information, hit up Capcom-Unity. Street Fighter V comes out on February 16, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC. Capcom has confirmed that the game will absolutely not be coming to Xbox One.