Star Citizen Development Is Ongoing Every 24 Hours, Here’s How

Star Citizen
Chris Roberts has made a surprising revelation about Star Citizen‘s ongoing development. It turns out Cloud Imperium Games is working on it every 24 hours.

CIG has several studios, and has also contracted work with several external studios. These include studios in Los Angeles and West Hollywood, California, one in Austin, Texas, one in Manchester, UK, and Frankfurt, Germany.

CIG  is taking advantage of the different time zones between Europe and the US to make it all happen. So, for example, when an LA studio finds a bug, they work on fixing it until the end of the day. Then, they pass the work over to the UK studio, who will then work on it until the end of their workday. CIG  refers to this as ‘follow the sun’, and it is what keeps Chris Roberts confident development is on track.

To help facilitate this, many of these studios have overlap in staff members. So, both LA and UK studios have coders, artists, etc. CIG currently employs 300 full time staff members. Chris explained all this in an interview, to help explain how they are working on Star Citizen at the scale they planned and promised backers.

Star Citizen is in development for PC, on Windows and Linux. Squadron 42 is planned for release this year. CIG revealed plans to sell Star Citizen and Squadron 42 separately. Chris Roberts has also revealed in an interview his plans to utilize VR. The Alpha 2.0 and persistent universe have already been live since December of last year.