Capcom Is At It Again: Unlockable Street Fighter V Costumes Will Be Behind A Paywall

Years ago, as games began to offer downloadable content with increasing frequency, two camps of opposing thought emerged. There were those who didn’t mind DLC, who enjoyed the opportunity to extend the life of a game post-release. And there were those who were cautious, who felt that the system could be exploited to nickle and dime players into spending much more than the base game’s average price of $60. Abetting that mindset at the time was Capcom, who were at the center of one of the earliest DLC controversies when it was discovered that some Street Fighter IV DLC was disc-based, that is, already produced and present on the game disc, and locked away for a fee.

This was upsetting to many fans, who felt that if the company could afford to create a piece of content before official release, then it should be present in the base game. A reasonable sentiment, all things considered: DLC has its roots in game expansions, which were always developed separately as a life-extender for the game, and no one likes what amounts to hidden fees. Unfortunately for Street Fighter fans, it looks like Capcom hasn’t really learned anything, if this latest Street Fighter V news is any indication.

In a post on Capcom-Unity today, details from yesterday’s pre-launch event in Japan were shared, including the unveiling of the Character Story Mode costumes. The outfits, which reflect the origin story of the characters in the game’s 16-strong roster, are unlocked after finishing the mode. However, “unlocking” does not mean you will be able to use the costume freely, or even immediately. They will simply be unlocked for purchase. When the in-game store arrives in March, the month after release. There was no mention of what the outfits will cost and if they will come as a pack or be purchased individually but either way, it’s a raw deal. If you want to make players buy new costumes, just make them buy new costumes. Don’t play like “unlocking” them means anything if it’s hidden behind a paywall. It’s just rude to the customers.

What do you think of this move? Does it anger you, or are you just used to DLC exploitation at this point?