Need For Speed Dated For PC, Offers Some Serious Enhancements

Need for Speed will race to the PC this spring, after initially releasing on home consoles last November.

As you’d probably expect, the game will outperform the console versions on PC, offering a higher framerate and support for 4K resolution, of course, you’ll need a monitor that can support that if you want to take advantage of its availability. Beyond that, there’ll also be the option to use manual transmission, a feature which will is heading to consoles in the future. Steering wheel support is offered for Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitec, while the game will also come with all of the updates which have already been released for the console versions.

The game received a major update in December when developer Ghost Games released the Legends update. That patch allowed players to tweak the phone system, with the option to mute calls during races from friends among a range of other options. It also raised the max rep level to 70, added a range of knock-out challenges to Eddie’s car, introduced 113 new customisation items for six vehicles, 200 new decals, new music, extra collectibles, and other changes.

Need for Speed will be available on PC from March 15th but those with an EA Origin Access subscription will be able to start playing on March 10th.

The 2012 version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is currently free as part of Origin’s On the House promotion. The game offered by On the House changes every month or so, meaning that if you want it, you probably shouldn’t wait too long to get it.

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