Street Fighter V On SteamOS Bringing Fighting Games Over To Open Source

SteamOS has scored a significant win, as Capcom has revealed they will be providing native support to SteamOS for Street Fighter V.

For now, Capcom has confirmed that they are working with Steam closely to make this happen. They also explained that the game will have Steam controller support, and that this functionality will be immediately available for the beta. Hopefully they have a six button virtualization available, as is found in MadCatz's popular Street Fighter Game Pads.

It’s likely that the final version will have cross platform online multiplayer between Windows and PlayStation 4 versions. PC support seems to have been a provision of their arrangement with Sony. Since the game is staying to only one console, this move will help widen the potential base for Street Fighter V.

Of course, this is a bigger win for SteamOS, which sorely needs a bigger influx of big name games. Valve has already revealed they won’t be pushing for exclusive games on the platform, even though it would be a clear step to benefit them. With Valve deliberately putting their platform at a disadvantage, they will need as many big name titles over as they can.

For fighting games in particular, the only worthwhile fighting game on Linux out there is Skullgirls. If Street Fighter V proves to be a success on SteamOS, it will pave the way for other heavy hitters.

Street Fighter V will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Windows, and SteamOS on 2016.