Black Ops 3 Update Out on PS4, Coming Soon on PC and Xbox One

Black Ops 3Treyarch has announced on Twitter that the latest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been released on PlayStation 4 and will follow soon on PC and Xbox One.

The developer made the announcement on its Twitter account:

The patch is a significant one, and you may need to clear some space from your HDD to download it. The file comes in at 9.1GB on PS4 and PC and Xbox One players can likely expect similar installs.

As you’d expect from such a sizable patch, the number of features and fixes included is extensive. Among the issues covered are support for the Awakening DLC, new feature updates, bug fixes, and more. One of the most significant updates is combat record, with Treyarch commenting:

  • Players can now view other Player’s Combat Record by selecting the player and choosing “View Combat Record” from the “Player Details” menu.
  • Players can now compare stats with Friends in the Combat Record.

PlayStation 4 players can look forward to the Awakening DLC’s first content update at 12:01 PM Pacific/15:01 Eastern/20:01 UK/Irish time tomorrow, February 2nd. If you buy the DLC or own the shooter’s season pass you’ll need to visit the in-game store to activate the new content when it’s available. The DLC will be extended to PC and Xbox One players in about a month’s time.

Dead Ops Arcade 2 has also received a new unique menu backdrop as you can see above, and it’s pretty impressive. For those who don’t know, it’s a hidden twin stick shooter inspired by Smash TV and you can find out how to unlock it here.

You can find more details about the update, including the patch notes, on Charlie Intel. As you’d expect, more of the changes focus on the game’s shooter’s multiplayer and zombies modes, but there is a fix for an issue that sometimes prevented completed accolades from registering after level completion.

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