Gravity Rush Remastered: Toyama Discusses Porting the Game to PS4

Gravity Rush RemasteredJapan Studio’s 2012 PlayStation Vita hit Gravity Rush launches on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, February 2nd in North America and on Friday, February 5th in Europe as Gravity Rush Remastered. In anticipation of its release the official

In anticipation of its release the official PlayStation Blog recently discussed the process of porting the game from PS Vita to PS4 with creator Keiichiro Toyama in Japan Studio’s Tokyo headquarters.

In the video interview, which you can see below, Toyama also delves into the various enhancements which have been made during the development process and what new players can look forward to when they arrive in Hekseville, a strange floating city.

Toyama was famously the director of horror games Siren and Silent Hill but the developer took a break from that particular genre to make Gravity Rush, which weaves together elements of both sci-fi and fantasy. As you’d expect from its name, gravity plays a key role in the game’s mechanics, allowing protagonist Kat to walk up walls, fly (in a manner of speaking), and perform a powerful gravity kick attack.

For more on the game, check out the gameplay trailer and screenshots released by Sony back in early December.

Gravity Rush 2 was announced at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show and you can check out some gameplay footage here.

Gravity Rush Remastered is available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store right now, while a physical edition will also be available from most video game retailers. Sony has also released the game’s box art, which you can check out below the video.

Gravity Rush Remastered