Dragon Age 4 May Be Next-Gen and PC Exclusive

Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age fans haven’t had an easy go since the Inquisition DLC launched. The game was fantastic, as were all additions made to it–the Trespasser DLC, in particular, drove the story forward in an incredibly powerful way, and fans have been desperate to see what’s next since its 2015 release. This year’s EA Play Live event saw the series completely absent, and the last glimpse we got of Dragon Age 4 was of a teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2020. What we did see looked fantastic, and seemed to be a direct continuation of the events culminating at the very end of Inquisition content. While it may not be detailed content of the game in general, various sources are now claiming that Dragon Age 4 is only in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. That’s right: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players may be out of luck.

This news comes from industry insider Jeff Grub, who is typically a very reliable source on these matters. The source of the rumor itself stems from a LinkedIn page posting, in which one of Dragon Age 4‘s lead designers claimed specifically that the game is in development for “PS5/Xbox Series X+S/PC.” There it is, in black and white. It could be an oversight, but it doesn’t seem like someone so high-up would fail to include something as vital as that. If Dragon Age 4 is really coming in 2023, it does make sense that Bioware would be looking more towards the future. One thing’s for sure: Dragon Age 4 is going to be BIG.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development at Bioware. The last Dragon Age title, Dragon Age: Inquisition was released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in November 2014. It was one of Bioware’s most successful games, winning multiple Game of the Year awards and addressing many issues players had with the previous title Dragon Age II. The next Dragon Age game is expected in 2023, though no specific timeframe has been offered by the development team.