Bioware Confirms Dragon Age and Mass Effect Won’t Be At EA Play Live

Sorry, Dragon Age and Mass Effect fans: We’re not going to see either franchise represented at the upcoming EA Play Live event. That means we’re not getting an update on Dragon Age 4 at the show, but we might still make an appearance before the end of the year. In the meantime, Electronic Art’s show is probably going to comprise mostly footage of Battlefield 2042.

Bioware posted an update on Twitter about the Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream it was running and said: “We’re hard at work creating the next @dragonage and @masseffect games and have some exciting stuff coming to @SWTOR this year. While we won’t be showing anything at EA Play Live, be sure to check out our SWTOR Livestream at 12PM PT today for info on what’s to come!”

While EA never promised either series would make an appearance at the EA Play Live event, it was considered a reasonable guess that at least Dragon Age 4 would make an appearance, given that EA is allegedly planning for the game to come out next year and we haven’t seen any gameplay or story footage of it so far. Also, we know the studio is also working on a new Mass Effect title, but to be fair we already knew that game would be years away from being ready for primetime.

As for what we’re going to see instead, the show will allegedly consist mostly of the upcoming tentpole release Battlefield 2042, as well as Apex Legends content and an indie called Lost in Random from developer Zoink Games. That last one was originally revealed during E3 and will be published by EA’s Originals label. There’s also a rumor that EA will show a few other games it has not yet announced, and I’ve heard that one of these is a revival of a fan-favorite franchise.

Source: VGC