Sky: Children of Light – How To Earn Ascended Candles | End Game Guide

Ascended Candles are the hardest currency to collect in Sky: Children of Light. If you want to unlock everything in the game and fully upgrade your Constellation Charts, you’ll need to grind and earn up to 16 Ascended Candles per week. This special currency can only be found in the game’s final level, the Eye of Eden, and you’ll earn more by spending as many Light Wings as you can. The game only barely explains how to earn Ascended Candles, so we’re going to go into a little more detail and clear up any confusion.

Ascended Candles are a weekly currency — you can only earn 16 total per week. The timer resets at Midnight PST on Saturday, so you’ll want to get in all your Ascended Candle grinding before the cut-off. Getting 16 isn’t easy though, and might even require multiple entire playthroughs of the game. Each time you earn Ascended Candles, you basically have to “complete” the game and trigger another rebirth. This totally resets your Light Wings, the collectibles required to unlock more wing flaps and travel further. Yes, you’ll need to re-explore all the areas of the map a second (or third, or fourth) time to recollect your Wing Flaps each time you replay to earn those precious Ascended Candles.

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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How To Earn Ascended Candles | End-Game Currency Guide

Ascended Candles are rare Candles that are only rewarded when you complete the Eye of Eden. Ascended Candles are used to upgrade (ascend) to the top tier rewards for each Spirit. That’s all they’re used for — so they’re totally optional. Ascended Candles are just for end-game grinding and replaying.

  • Ascended Candles are on a weekly timer. You can earn a maximum of 16 Ascended Candles per week. The weekly timer resets on Satuday, Midnight PST.

You’re rewarded with Ascended Candles when you complete the Eye of Eden — you earn more by spending Light Wings on the stone statues. These “statues” are actually defeated players. You’re helping them by lending them some Wing Light. It costs 1 Wing Light to activate each statue.

To get the maximum amount of Ascended Candles per run, you need to use as many blue crystal statues as possible. That means you want to collect as much Wing Light as you can before each run, maxing out or getting close, then reach the final area of the Eye of Eden without losing any so you can gift the Wing Light to the maximum amount of statues.

To give the most light you’ll need to reach the very end — the area with endless red crystal rain. You’ll take constant damage and fall over as you run around in the infinite barrage, but the area is packed with statues. Run (but don’t jump, only run) to these statue cluster, depositing as much light as possible before you’re inevitably killed. If you only run, you’re much less likely to get knocked down by the downpour. You get knocked down far more if you’re bouncing around. Don’t touch the [B] button in the final area to move faster and maximize your light deposits!

Like all playthroughs, you’ll eventually die in the Eye of Eden. Like before, you need to collect as much light as possible, then deposit the light into statues. The more statues you interact with, the more Ascended Candles you’ll eventually earn. It has to be a lot of light, so deposit as much as possible before you go down! The game is fairly short, and you’ll be able to collect more Wing Light on your second playthrough thanks to the Spirits you’ve found, which give you access to new areas in each realm.

There are 63 statues total in the Eye of Eden. Grab as many of them as possible — an average run should get you about 12 Ascended Candles. You’ll want to save your Wing Light, use it on the crystallized statues, and get as many statues as you can before dying in the final area. You never need to fly or flap your wings in the entire Eye of Eden zone, so you’re free to be wasteful with your light!