Sky: Children of Light – How To Reach The Secret Area | Easter Egg Guide

The “Secret Area” in Sky: Children of Light needs to be seen. The area has actually existed in the mobile version since a 2019 update, but now players on the Nintendo Switch can experience one of the most fun Easter eggs in the game. You’ll just need a special cape (or a friend) to get inside. And you’ll need to look very, very carefully.

The “Secret Area” is sometimes referred to as the “Office” for good reason. The Office is actually a large structure modelled after the offices of thatgamecompany, the developer that created Sky: Children of Light and Journey. It’s an expensive area with multiple floors to check out, and we’re going to explain exactly how to find it in the guide below.

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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Look for a strange dark rectangle.

How To Reach The Secret Area | Vault of Knowledge Easter Egg Location

The “Secret Area” Easter egg is located in the Vault of Knowledge, the sixth realm. The entrance is located in the Social Space with the Spirit Stones and the portal back Home. The Secret Area is located in a hidden passage in the starting room –go to the main elevator chamber and turn around.

Facing the stairs, there’s a ladder on the archives to your right. Go to the dark, dark corner with a candle active and look for a rectangular dark spot in the wall. You can walk through this wall — it leads into a dark passage. Light the lanterns along the path to reach a verdant field of flowers.

The entrance to the secret area is blocked by barriers and a special gate.

  • How To Enter The Secret Area:
    • To enter the gate, you need a Beta Cape or a Founder’s Cape. Or you can hold the hand of another player with this cape and walk through the portal.
    • Rarely, an NPC with a blue cape will appear outside the secret area. Friend and hold their hand to walk through!
    • If a player with a blue cape is outside the secret area, make sure to offer them a candle and become friends! If you want inside, you should at least give one candle.
    • The Beta Cape was only available to Beta Players. The Founder’s Cape can be purchased from the in-game store for $30 — pricey! Make sure to get the Founder’s Pack.

If you’re patient, you can wait for a friendly player (or the rare NPC) to appear and lead you through. There’s a lot to discover here — there are spirits you can visit, lots of rooms to explore, and even another sub-area. Yes, the office building isn’t the only secret.

On rare occasions, the Office lights will be out, and a television screen in the Meeting Room will be switching on. Jumping through the TV leads to the ISS hidden area! Yes, the International Space Station can be explored in orbit around Earth. You can’t go inside, but you can hop around the exterior and enjoy the majestic view. This area is incredibly rare, and most players are likely to never see it even if they visit the office constantly. It’s like the White Whale of hidden areas.