Dragon Age 4 Trailer Gives Players An Early Look Into The Game

We’re a good ways off before we likely dive into Dragon Age. BioWare has a few things in the works at the moment such as Anthem and the remastered collection of the Mass Effect trilogy, but fans have been waiting for that next little bit of information to come out into the marketplace. Fortunately, we knew before The Game Awards that BioWare would have something related to Dragon Age featured and they delivered.

Unfortunately, they delivered a small trailer so don’t get too excited. All we received was a short cinematic that hypes up the next Dragon Age title. We’re told that that is no need for prophecy or magic in this epic adventure. What this story needs is someone that’s unexpected and that’s where you will step in. We’re given a small taste of Dragon Age 4 and there’s no gameplay footage available. Regardless, we know that new evil forces are threatening Thedas and along the way, you’ll find new locations and even factions that might just fight alongside you. 

That’s all we really received with this trailer but we can’t really complain. There’s not much information for this game in general. In fact, we’re not entirely sure just what to call the new Dragon Age. It’s been teased as Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises, Dragon Age 4, and now the trailer simply ends with the Dragon Age franchise handle. It’s likely a game that won’t be out in 2021, but again, we’re left waiting on more information in general so perhaps it’s not wishful thinking that Dragon Age could see a release this coming year. 

While this game was expected from BioWare at The Game Awards, what you might not have expected was the announcement trailer for the next Mass Effect game. Much like the Dragon Age 4 trailer, we didn’t get any details of what to expect with the next Mass Effect game either. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the studio plans on doing for these two franchises.

Source: YouTube