Dead Space Creator Introduced New Horror Game The Callisto Protocol

The Game Awards recently took place and if you were watching then you might have caught the various new video game reveals. Among the list is a new horror game that’s not set to launch until 2022. However, what’s making headlines is that this horror game comes from the brilliant mind of Glen Schofield. This developer was responsible for the classic survival horror franchise, Dead Space.

Dead Space was a big hit when it first launched and while we only received three mainline installments, the fan base has been hoping that another game would come out at some point. Fortunately, if you’re a fan of the franchise then you’ll at least get another great scare from the creator in the not too distant future. Glen Schofield has started up a new studio called Striking Distance Studios and they are bringing out a video game called The Callisto Protocol.

Right now we only have the one trailer to go off on and it’s not anything that gives off the information of what to expect. Instead, it looks like we are watching some prison convoy on its way to a destination when something goes wrong. A prisoner is awoken to an alert only to find himself face to face with some kind of alien creature. From there, the ship manages to make its way to the destination.

This game will certainly have some moments that will feel like a Dead Space video game. However, it’s going to be a bit before we likely get any more information from Glen Schofield or the folks at Striking Distance Studios. As mentioned, this game is not set to launch until sometime in 2022, but you can take a look at the reveal trailer down below.

Source: YouTube