Back 4 Blood Finally Reveals Gameplay Footage

Left 4 Dead was such a fantastic video game. I’m being biased here because I remember sinking countless hours into the title with friends and the sequel only added to the enjoyment. Turtle Rock Studios struck gold with this franchise and it’s a shame if you haven’t played the games before. Overall, it’s a wack action type of game where up to four players can join into the game as you attempt to complete a series of goals. With a slew of various zombie types wandering about, you’ll need to use an assortment of weapons to clear the area up while you progressed through the narrative.

The series still finds quite an active online community as well. In fact, the community has been so active that Left 4 Dead 2 recently had a new update that added new content into the game. While the IP has been under the control of Valve now, Turtle Rock Studios managed to part way and continue on developing free from working directly under Valve’s control. It’s been years since the studio first brought out Left 4 Dead but it looks like the creator has been feeling nostalgic.

Clearly, fans are interested in another installment to the Left 4 Dead franchise as again it was the community that helped bring out a new update for the Left 4 Dead 2 title. However, while Turtle Rock Studios can’t bring out a new Left 4 Dead video game, they can deliver a spiritual successor. That’s where Back 4 Blood comes into play. For a good while now, the studio had been teasing the game but never delivered a trailer or gameplay footage.

During The Game Awards, Turtle Rock Studios opted to showcase both. We received a cinematic trailer to showcase what the game was about and some gameplay footage. It looks like the next proper installment for the Left 4 Dead franchise. However, we can expect more story, weapons, and zombie types. There even some massive roaming zombies so we imagine you’ll need to work with your friends as you take out the undead swarm and cross off your tasks. Currently, Back 4 Blood is set to release in June of 2021.

Source: YouTube, YouTube