The Official Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update Gives Players A Reason To Revisit The Game

There’s a ton of love for the Left 4 Dead franchise and we’ve only had two mainline installments released. While fans still cling on to the video games, we’re all still holding out hope for a Left 4 Dead 3 announcement or even more information to come out in regards to Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor to the franchise. Regardless, there’s been plenty of reasons to still play the games as the modding community has brought out several new maps, cosmetics, weapons, and scenario levels online for players to download and enjoy. 

For most fans, there wasn’t any expectation that Left 4 Dead 2 would receive a big substantial update. However, that’s exactly what happened as a fan group made a big update patch that brought in new content along with several fixes to bug. This apparently impressed Valve enough that they are allowing this update to roll out officially for PC players. That’s right, years after the game released, a new official update has come out for Left 4 Dead 2

There’s a good chance you might have missed out on the news of this update or simply forgot. Again, this is a pretty dated video game, but in case you did, it’s worth pointing out that the update is now live and can be enjoyed right now. This update is called The Last Stand and it brings in over twenty new maps, achievements, weapons, dialogue lines, and again as mentioned bug fixes. This is likely the last update we’ll receive for this game so if you haven’t played your PC copy in a good while, the update is a perfect reason to go ahead and download the game again. For the official patch notes for this update, you can read them listed below. Meanwhile, there is an official trailer for the game that can be found above.

Left 4 Dead 2 – The Last Stand 

  • 30 brand new achievements – New and unique milestones to strive for!
  • 26 new survival maps – How long can you survive against the endless hordes?
  • 4 new scavenge maps – Wait, people still play scavenge?
  • 2 brand new melee weapons – Hunt down a Jockey with the pitchfork or whack it with the shovel. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • L4D1 infected – The L4D1 infected are back, and they’re bloodier than ever!
  • New and previously unused voice lines for survivors – Rochelle has a personality now!
  • New character animations – New, improved, and overhauled animations by our skilled modding team!
  • Reworked gun models and animations – The guns now behave more like real guns!
  • PvP enhancements and balance changes – New attack spots, new tank spawns, and hundreds of newly infected ladders for the competitive modes!
  • Official implementation of CSS weapons – The CSS weapons are now available to everyone!
  • Brand new mutations Rocketdude and Tank run – Ever wanted to launch yourself around with a grenade launcher, or run away from hordes of tanks? We’ve got you covered.
  • Improved UI options – Singleplayer option for more game modes, Versus Survival is officially brought to the main menu, easier game mode switching, and new outro stats!
  • Hundreds of bug and exploit fixes – The days of falling through elevators are gone!

Source: Gamerant