Resident Evil Village Will Focus On Exploration

There’s a ton of anticipation and excitement over the next mainline installment to the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil Village will take place after the events of Resident Evil 7 installment where players are once again thrown into the role of Ethan Winters. With Tokyo Game Show you can expect more information to come out regarding the franchise and its upcoming installment. In fact, we have the first footage video upload of the development team behind the upcoming game offering some insight into what they are building.

For starters, Capcom’s development team talks about Ethan Winters. In the first installment Ethan is featured in, Resident Evil 7, he was little more than a window into the video game. The character didn’t have that much depth as he was seeking his wife from the oddity family. However, when the team started to think about what to do with the next installment, it was clear that Ethan was far from done. Capcom opted to feature Ethan as the main protagonist again in Resident Evil Village but this time around, the studio wanted to ensure that there was more to the character. Essentially, you can expect Ethan to be a more fleshed out human as we get a full story around him in the installment.

What we are also expecting is more storyline featuring Chris Redfield. As you can likely remember, Chris was featured shortly in Resident Evil 7 with him leaving more questions than answers. So we should get some more information about what Chris is up to in this installment.

In other news regarding Resident Evil Village, players can expect there to be a big open area to explore with the village being more or less its own character. There are massive set pieces for players to take in and visit, but just like with any Resident Evil game, you can never be sure just what may be around the corner. Still, every Resident Evil game offers a means to explore so we’re wondering just how much more expansive the exploration will be in this game.

We should get more Resident Evil Village news this week to showcase. However, the Resident Evil Village title is not set to launch until some point in 2021 so there is plenty of time post TGS for Capcom to highlight the game. In the meantime, take a look at the developer video above along with the game trailer down below.

Source: YouTube