Mass Effect Will Continue On With A New Installment

Mass Effect is a massive science-fiction franchise. The video game series is highly regarded and often recommended for players who haven’t tried them yet. Of course, that series is a bit older, and fortunately, there is a remastered edition set to launch in 2021. This will give players a chance to either revisit or play the first three Mass Effect games for the first time ever. While the ending of this series might not have been as fondly received as the series first installment, it’s a trilogy well worth going through.

BioWare even tried to keep this series going not that long ago. If you recall, Mass Effect also received another installment in 2017 with Mass Effect: Andromeda. That game didn’t launch with much fanfare and even after updates, it’s mainly been considered the black sheep of the franchise. Still, it doesn’t look like BioWare is going to give up on this franchise yet as we received a surprise teaser during The Game Awards this year.

Outside of the awards and performances, this year’s event for The Game Awards also came packed with video game announcements. Not every game that was rumored to show up made an appearance, but it did leave some surprising announcements. For instance, the event came to a close with a small snippet of a teaser. Mass Effect is continuing on but we’re not sure just what to expect with this next installment. This was a super small teaser and it wasn’t anything to offer insight to the storyline or how it may even connect with previous games. 

We could speculate all night with this teaser but what is important to take away from this video is that there is another video game in the works. BioWare could use a big video game release as well. This studio’s last new launch came in the form of Anthem, a title that didn’t launch with much praise and has since been put back to development. For now, we’ll have to keep our eyes open for any new information that might lend some details on what the new Mass Effect game might be about.

Source: YouTube