Perfect Dark Reboot Unveiled By The Initiative 

For a good few years now we’ve been patiently waiting for the unveiling of The Initiative’s debut title. Microsoft built the studio from the ground up and they hired quite a few notable developers. We’ve seen developers who came from all sorts of studios and projects such as Naughty Dog. As a result, fans were speculating just what The Initiative would be bringing out into the marketplace, and for a good while, there were rumors of a Perfect Dark reboot

However, there were also rumors recently that suggested fans would be completely upset over the game reveal as well. During The Game Awards, we finally got the unveiling of their project which was in fact a reboot to Perfect Dark. The video game got its bit start back during the Nintendo 64 era and it was even rebooted back in 2005 for the Xbox 360. Now it looks like Microsoft is ready to give this franchise another attempt with this latest studio.

This trailer doesn’t offer any gameplay footage but helps set the tone of the storyline. It looks like Earth has been hit with a string of bad luck leaving mankind fighting to survive from what we’re able to gather. While it looks like big corporations have managed to keep the horrors of nature away, something more sinister might be in play and that’s where players step in to find out just what really is going on. 

So far, this is the first trailer for Perfect Dark and we’re eager to see more about the game and how it may differ from the previous installments. Furthermore, being the debut title for a brand new studio Microsoft has built up with some big-name developers will certainly put some high expectations into this game when it does finally release into the marketplace.

Source: YouTube