The Initiative Rumors Claims Xbox Fans Are In For A Let-Down

Microsoft really made some headlines this year with the announcement that they purchased ZeniMax Media. With the deal set to be finalized early in 2021, we are going to see Microsoft really flesh out their first-party studios soon especially with the likes of Bethesda being one of the studios attached in the deal. Still, fans who have been following this company for a long knows that they had built up a brand new first-party development studio.

This studio is called The Initiative and outside of seeing some pretty credible developers find themselves being attached to the studio, we don’t know anything of what this team is working on. There’s been nothing but rumors circulating online with the more popular rumor suggesting that this studio is developing a Perfect Dark reboot. Unfortunately, Microsoft nor the studio would confirm these rumors and it’s just left more fans question what exactly is happening at this first-party studio location.

After all, building a studio from the ground up is not easy. It takes quite a bit of money and works to get a team together. While an announcement very well may have been planned this year, the current health pandemic outbreak had put several studios into a fiasco. We’re nearing 2021 with no knowledge of The Initiative’s debut title and this team was founded back in 2018.

At any rate, a new rumor has started to circulate online from an Xbox podcast known as XboxEra. According to this podcast, they have sources claiming that the project is comparable to the likes of the Netflix series Black Mirror and fans can likely expect an episodic journey. However, what’s more concerning is that the podcast stated that Xbox fans are going to be really letdown over the reveal. It seems that if fans were hoping for a big blockbuster style video game reveal similar to what Sony’s first-party studios offer then they should start lowering expectations from The Initiative. Since this is just a rumor, we can only wait and see what the official reveal alerts us about this unannounced project.

Source: Wccftech