The Initiative Adds Two Former Naughty Dog Developers 

Now that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are on their way out to make room for the next-generation platforms, it looks like Microsoft is making some changes to the amount of software they are able to release. The line of exclusives between Microsoft and Sony may really showcase some big changes with this next-generation platform. Sony and Microsoft are both gearing up towards the next-generation launches next month, but Microsoft has been making headlines when it comes to the number of studios that they have acquired.

It wasn’t long ago now that we got word of Microsoft purchasing ZeniMax Media which comes packed with several video game studios and IPs. Arguably the biggest is Bethesda which would make Fallout and The Elder Scrolls exclusive to the Xbox brand. However, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft doesn’t have their own studios working on unique exclusive projects. In fact, one of the studios that have plenty of fans eager to hear more about is The Initiative. This studio was first established in 2018 and since then there were plenty of talented developers from a wide range of studios being hired to take the lead of the projects coming out from the Santa Monica California-based subsidiary. 

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting to see just what the studio is working on as nothing has been officially announced at the moment. We’ve heard rumors of the project being a new reboot to Perfect Dark, but again, that’s just the rumor at the moment. What’s not a rumor is the two new hires that have joined the ranks at The Initiative. Apparently, two individuals who previously were working under Naughty Dog has jumped ship from Sony exclusives to Microsoft exclusives.

The two individuals are Lee Davis the former head of Melee Animation along with Lauren Garvia who was a Shading Technical Director. Now the duo is working at The Initiative with the secret big AAA video game which Microsoft has yet to unveil. With years of experience at Naughty Dog featuring the likes of the Uncharted and The Last of Us series, we have big expectations of a highly detailed video game experience.

Source: IGN