Bethesda Microsoft Stream Presentation Reportedly Held This Week

Microsoft made some big headline announcements when it was unveiled that the company was acquiring ZeniMax Media. That means Microsoft would get several big studios under their control to further buff up the first-party studio collection. After what some may call a lackluster catalog of exclusives for the Xbox One, it looks like Microsoft is looking to make some big changes going forward.

For instance, Microsoft is making big moves for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service that would allow players to get all of their first-party exclusive titles right away at launch along with a catalog of third-party titles as well. With that said, right now it’s pretty limited in terms of exclusives for either the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S platforms. Things could change pretty rapidly now that Microsoft has all these extra studios under the ZeniMax Media deal.

Microsoft now has Alpha Dog Games, Arkane Studios, Bethesda, id Software, MachineGames, Roundhouse Studios, Tango Gameworks, along with ZeniMax Online Studios thanks to the ZeniMax Media deal. But most are interested in what this means for future Bethesda games as if they will be completely exclusive to Microsoft. Now a rumored stream is said to be happening later this week but we’re waiting for an official confirmation to come out.

With this stream, we may get a look at what this means for Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass, and any other notable details for future Bethesda games. What we likely won’t see happen is Bethesda revealing any new details for Starfield or their next major installment to The Elder Scrolls franchise. That’s likely to happen closer to E3 or a stream that will be taking E3’s place later this year. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if anything is coming out this week from Microsoft in terms of an online media presence.

Source: VGC