Resident Evil Village Is Too Violent For Japan

Resident Evil has been an iconic and staple franchise for the survival horror genre. Ever since the original PlayStation console, we’ve seen Capcom release new mainline and spin-off games for the IP. While the series continues to thrive today, it looks like some markets are not able to experience everything that the development team had intended. In particular, it looks like there are some restrictions for the upcoming mainline installment set to launch later this year, Resident Evil Village.

Now if you’re located in western markets, you likely won’t find any issues, but we know that in Japan it looks like there are going to be problems with Resident Evil Village. Now interestingly enough there are two versions of Resident Evil Village coming out in Japanese markets. If you didn’t already know, there is a Cero D and a Cero Z version. The Cero D will be made for those 17 years of age and under. Meanwhile, the Cero Z version will be available for those 18 years of age and up.

Unfortunately, for those that pick up Cero Z, the game will still be limited. It’s been confirmed that both versions will receive less gore and no decapitations, unlike the version that will be launching within western markets. However, the main storyline content will not be different so everyone will be able to enjoy the storyline and content plotted out by Capcom. This is also not too uncommon as we’ve seen other video game titles get censored in Japan including past Resident Evil installments.

It will be interesting to see what changes will be made between the available versions but we’ll of course have to wait for the game to launch alongside all the markets. For those of you who are eager to get their hands on a copy of the game will find Resident Evil Village will be hitting the marketplace this year. In particular, Resident Evil Village will be available on May 7, 2021, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Source: PSU